Friday, December 15, 2006

Well, things are crazy all over Seattle. Many places are still without power and could be for several days. Luckily we're in a narrow strip that didn't have an outage.

So I've had a cold for the past couple days, and since my husband and J. both had it before that, I knew it was a bad one. I've been eating Dayquil and prescription cold medication, but it was still pretty bad. I didn't get sick for six months, pretty much the whole time I've been on insulin. I used to get sick all the time, so it was really nice not to for awhile.

I started running high yesterday - 30 points, but for me that's significant. Then today I couldn't hear out of my left ear, so I went to a clinic. They said I had some fluid in my ear but it wasn't clear yet if it was an infection. But since I'm a diabetic, they said I could have antibiotics anyway. I actually think it probably is an infection. It's the first time my blood sugar's run higher while being sick. On the way home from the clinic, I started feeling sicker and nauseated. Another first: positive ketones. Since it's never been positive before, I was really surprised by that. I'm not really worried about it. But I'll force myself to eat something and drink some fluids, I suppose.


In Search Of Balance said...

I'm sorry to hear you're feeling bad, but glad to hear that you've weathered the storm. My aunt-in-law is in town from Seattle, flying home tomorrow, so we've been watching the weather, and it looked awful!

Feel better soon!!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Lili, do you want to get happy - go to In Search of Balance - quick, very quick! Sorry you are feeling yucky! Don't read this - hurry up and check out the blog.

Bernard Farrell said...


Sorry you're under the weather. Definitely drink lots of water. If you're getting ketones, they you need to really start to compensate a little more and test every 2 hours or so until they're gone.

One thing I learnt from my 2 weeks in a hospital ward when I was first diagnosed in 1972, whenever your blood sugar is running high drink water. The more the merrier. It helps your kindey to flush out the excess sugar and (I think) it helps to dilute that sugar in your bloodstream.

I hope you're feeling on top of the world soon.

Lili said...

Beth - thanks, I am glad, too!

Chrissie - that is great! I will have to think about it.

Bernard - thanks, I am doing that. I am thinking of getting a blood ketone meter now (never worried about it before) since they are vastly superior to urine strips, but wow are they expensive. The strips are $4 each. Ouch.

In Search Of Balance said...

My Dr. gave me the Precision Xtra for free when I ended up in the hospital for ketones from a (very mysterious and never identified) infection, even though my BG was normal. if you tell them that you're having trouble with ketones, maybe someone will give you one?