Thursday, December 28, 2006

customer bad

Well, a little bad news. I ended up having to change the site at 4 am. It had hurt a lot going in, but the CDE thought that was normal. I think it was a warning sign. The IV3000 didn't stick for some reason, so had I slapped another one on over it. It ended up hurting too much to sleep on, so I changed it. I would have changed it earlier if I had more supplies on hand. I only have a couple IV 3000s that I got from the CDE. Anyway, it bled a little and was red, so I think it was just a bad spot. I didn't even feel the new site going in and it's fine now.

And now a word about customer service. I'd read all the scary stories about it and I thought people were just exaggerating. Well, I was wrong; they're true. At least, if they're talking about ordering. I called today and waited for 20 minutes to find out what happened to my supplies. The woman told me that they didn't send me a three month supply of sets because my insurance already paid for a three months supply of sets. Okay, that makes sense, but I didn't know since it was my first time ordering. Also, I explained to the person I ordered from why I was ordering them, and she knew they'd just billed my insurance for the other sets, but she never mentioned any potential problems and she knew I couldn't actually use the Sils, so it would be my only supply. Of course, she also said they'd go out that day and that didn't happen. Anyway, I explained the same thing to this woman and she just kept repeating that I couldn't order new sets. Finally, I asked if I could pay for them myself and she said I could. Well, why didn't she mention that? Another thing I don't understand is why I didn't get any IV 3000. I was going to ask why, but didn't get a chance. She told me I could order a three month supply of sets if I paid right now. My housemate was going to pay for it so I told her that and that I needed to talk to him about it. Then, she hung up on me. The other person did this, too! No, "thank you for calling" or "have a good day." Not even a click. So, I didn't get to ask her about the IV 3000.

I think I will try the online store now.


floreksa said...

I ALWAYS use the online store. It would really take A LOT to get me to call MM's customer service.

Lili said...

floreska - sounds like a good plan. Sadly, I needed my order to come faster since I only have 2 IV 3000s and one box of sets, so I had to call back. They said my order went through for the right things and will arrive tomorrow, but I guess I won't know until I get it. You'd think they could send an email with the items and amounts listed, but no.

Megan said...

I would be very mad and ask to talk to a supervisor and tell them you could have chosen any pump company, but chose minimed and don't want to be disappointed, especially considering you have 30 days to change your mind (at least according to what I have heard).

Lili said...

Megan - I am considering doing that, although then I would have to call back!