Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Maintaining internet silence

We're all moved into our new house, but still no internet. The cable company is supposed to come out this afternoon and set it up. Sometimes there is wireless but not very often and it drops out all the time.

I saw the new endo last week. She was great! She loved my spreadsheet so much she wanted a copy of it - luckily I brought the copy I was showing her for her. When I told her the GP wouldn't give me Lantus, she was horrified, even though she gets a lot of referrals from him. So I felt better about that. She said I was doing really well and she'd refer me to Joslin for the pump start.

I went to the initial assessment yesterday. Their facility is located at a different address than what's on everything! I found this out from them just hours before I had to leave on the bus, so I want to get that out there. Anyway, I met with a nurse there to talk about being ready for the pump. It was a bit awkward because she couldn't teach me anything, which kind of usurps her role. I couldn't avoid talking about my knowledge in that situation, though, because it was the whole point of the meeting. She did insist on examining my injection sites (ow!) and told me I could inject in all those places I see blood vessels (I didn't get into the ones you can't see with her) if I use a 45° angle. At first I tried to explain they are really close to the surface of my skin so that's not possible, but eventually I gave up and just nodded. I don't think I'll be putting *any* sets on the front any time soon. Especially after that nerve I hit last night. Wow, did that hurt!

I have an appointment next week to meet with the dietician to make sure I know how to count carbs, which is required. Then I meet with the pump trainer who is apparently going to stick me with all the sets and see if I'm allergic to them? I'm not clear on how that will work in the hour allotted, but okay. I know they usually send people to a 3-4 hour pump class, but I didn't hear anything about it this time. She thinks I can get my pump by the end of the year, though! Yay!


Scott said...

Glad to hear that things are moving along for the pump!

Be sure to post any questions you have on things - you have a very good resource in the OC.

We'll jump to your aid in a heartbeat!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

I am thoroughly jealous. I have been treated at Joslin twice. They were super, at least back then! Good luck. I am progressing with my blog. Thank you for all your help. I at first didn't see that the first letter of href was an H. I thought it was a B!

Megan said...

Great to hear that you are finally getting your pump!

Lili said...

Scott - thanks. So far I don't have any questions, though. I think I pretty thoroughly pursued the information I needed. I wasn't sure how to handle being probed by the nurse, though. What do I say - "ask me anything?" That's kind of how I feel these days.

Chrissie - thanks, it seems like a nice facility although I will still be seeing the regular endo. Hope your blogging is coming along okay.

Megan - thanks, I am certainly trying to get it by the end of the year!