Sunday, December 17, 2006

Still working at it

I think I've passed the acute pouring-out-of-things stage of this cold and progressed to the sometimes-pouring-out-of-things and coughing-up-of-things. I know this since my husband and J. both have it and went through that already. So it may run 10-14 days for me as well!

I'm not sure about this ketone thing. The best book I have on it (Type 1 Diabetes by Ragnar Hanas) basically says to test blood ketones and gives advice based on those levels. Well, I went out to Walgreen's and got a Precision Xtra on sale for $10, but no one has the ($4! each!) blood ketone strips. I ordered some from the internet, but I won't get them very soon. The blood ketones tell you what's happening right now and only test for the kind that diabetics care about, whereas urine strips test for all ketones and show what happened 2-24+ hours ago. Not so helpful. So I get things like pink pink pink pinkish negative pinkish pink pinkish negative pink pink purple. I've been stuffing myself with liquids, food, and insulin, but it's not clear to me what's really going on. Today I didn't have any nausea and drank the most, but the ketones were highest. Huh? My bg has mostly been good, though.

I finally got my pump out of the box and watched the training video. It does indeed come in training mode, so you can pretend to use it. I set it all up, although I was startled when it started alarming after I set the date and time. I followed the video exactly, and they didn't show that happening, heh. Once I got it to stop, it was okay. Weird, though. I'm finding it's a lot of work on top of what I'm doing now to try telling it to do boluses when I take insulin. I think I have it down, though. I want to be excited, but I'm still kind of frustrated I can't use it. Oh, and it looks like the CDE ordered short tubing for me and I wanted long tubing (for the Sure-Ts), so I think I have to send back these four boxes of Sils?


Megan said...

Are you wondering why you had ketones? A lot of people, diabetes or not, get ketones when they are sick. Since you don't have a lot of body fat, you're going to be even more susceptible to them, and since your body makes very little insulin, and if I recall correctly, you don't take much through injection, you're even more susceptible. I think the main thing with ketones is forcing fluids and keeping bs in check. If your bs is normal and you can't clear the ketones, some people recommend eating something sugary and bolusing for it just to get the insulin in without dropping the blood sugar.

Lili said...

Megan - I'm wondering what kind of ketones I have and whether they're increasing or decreasing at any given time, which can't be determined without a blood ketone test. I've tested pretty much every time I've been sick in the past year, and even when I was exercising a lot and eating low carb, and I've never had a positive result before.

I have certainly been eating a lot and taking a lot of insulin, but it doesn't seem to help.