Sunday, November 19, 2006

Two steps forward, one step back

Welp, I'm on day three of the Lantus. So far I'm not really clear on what it's doing. I haven't noticed my bg being that much different than without it, and to make matters more interesting, I've been struggling with stubbornly higher postprandials the whole time. I know part of it is that I'm conservative with corrections because I don't want to end up low. But I'd also kind of like to know why it's happening so that I can prevent it. Oh, and I'd like a pony.

So I told Diabetes Pilot (which calculates my insulin doses) to correct down to 100 and changed my ratio from 1/14 to 1/12. I learned earlier that while travelling all day (with no activity) I had to go to 1/12. It looks like now it might be here to stay. I'm not sure if taking Lantus (which tells my beta cells to make less insulin) is confusing my body, or if I just happened to get the Lantus at the right time and things were going downhill rapidly. These new settings are working a lot better, but I'd still like my fastings to be better, too. I have to give the Lantus a chance to work, though. I might be able to increase a little, but since I'm taking 5 units and my total basal need (according to John Walsh) is around 11 units, I don't have much room to make changes. I don't want to end up not being able to exercise, for example.

But! My husband got a job. He interviewed Thursday and they said they'd let him know Monday. They called Friday morning with the offer and he starts tomorrow! It's with a cancer research lab. J. also got one job offer so far, but is interviewing tomorrow with another company and hopes to hear back tomorrow also from a third company he interviewed with. It's a good offer, though. We also found a house! It is absolutely wonderful, lovingly cared for, and beautifully landscaped. There have been a few issues (the application process took a long time, they just found a leak under the house), but we still think it will all work out. We're moving in at the end of the month. And if that weren't all, someone just told me that Washington State has a new law (since we lived here before) about covering diabetes supplies. So my insurance company can't place all these restrictions on coverage for insulin pumps. I may still have to pay the deductible (she didn't but doesn't know why not), but it looks like there are a lot fewer hoops to jump through! I just got passed to a new MM pump rep and she said she'd have the people who deal with insurance look into it for me!

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