Monday, November 06, 2006

Onward and upward

I called the doctor's office first thing this morning, trying to allay my impatience. They were able to get me in today.

The doctor was pretty hesistant about putting me on Lantus. Understandably, since most people don't go on it right away and he is a GP. He said he wants to see my numbers first, so I spent four hours (it seemed like one!) making an Excel spreadsheet. I managed to drop it off at 5, but of course on the way over there I realised I hadn't broken out the number of extra units I'm taking per day to cover basal. Which is exactly the information he needs and hopes to get from the numbers. Oh, well. At this point I have to hope he can figure it out himself. It's actually only 2-3 units, but I definitely need more and more coverage. Part of why I had to make such a complicated spreadsheet is that I've gone to great lengths to keep my numbers down, so it's not completely obvious from the usual set of data that my basal is running higher. For example, around 10 pm I work out, take insulin, and don't eat anything. If I can get down to 70-80 that way, then I will wake up around 100. So not the way to do it, though.

My labs came back!
A1c: 5.1% (this one I believe. Too bad it didn't last, though.)
C-peptide: 1.0 (Range: 1.0 - 5.0)
Islet Cell Antibodies: undetectable
Anti-insulin Antibodies: undetectable

Bad news in that we still don't know what's killing off my beta cells so quickly. But good news in that my C-peptide is now low enough that my insurance company is supposed to pay for an insulin pump! Yay! Now all I need is the prescription. Making the insurance pay means I can't get one sooner than January, but I'm already kind of resigned to that. Heh, I think S, the medical assistant, was pretty taken aback when I cheered and got excited about having a low C-peptide!

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