Saturday, November 04, 2006

Another day

I've tried to stay away from documenting every day but it's difficult sometimes. Today I woke up at 103 (usually 83-89) and stayed above 100 all day, until 5:30 which is usually when my bg starts dropping. Even then I only dropped to 94; it's usually 65-75. Of course those sound like great numbers...for a diabetic. But considering it's a 10-20 point difference when things have been consistent for a long time, I'm a little concerned. I've had a basal spike around 10 pm for the past three days as well.

I'm a bit frustrated because I don't think Lantus can deal with this problem, but nothing else (short of a pump) would really work, either. What I need is to talk to a well-informed endo who can explain to me whether taking Lantus would result in lows or not (assuming I didn't exceed my total basal needs). I'm not sure an endo would even prescribe Lantus to me at this point, either. I don't know if I can do a pump yet - I have to test allergy and pain issues and find out if the endo will prescribe one. I could be having another massive beta cell failure and it's possible things will get bad before I can see the endo. But don't worry about me; I worry about every possibility because it's how I adapt to change. I just deal with everything that happens, when it happens. I'll deal with this, too.

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