Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Super endo #1

So I saw my old endo on Monday, without the nurse, so I got 15 whole minutes! It was amazing. He is seriously the best. Once again he said he wished all his patients were like me. Ha, I wish all doctors were like him! He is one of the few people who really understands how hard I work at this.

He did give me the Lantus scrip (he asked first if I wanted that or Levemir). I'm supposed to start off at 5 units and he wrote on the report that I could adjust my own dose. He said, though, that he couldn't just say I'm a Type 1 because he had no proof (antibody test) so what he did instead is wrote in the report that he is treating it as LADA and that I am "in all probability an early subacute type 1 diabetic." That was good enough for me. He made it really, really clear.

He told me they just did a writeup of an Edmonton protocol study saying that people who retained some small islet function later on were diabetic again but no longer had dangerous hypoglycemia, i.e. some insulin production will prevent it. Which is why I need to take care of my beta cells by being on a long-acting insulin. Point taken. He said that he thought my numbers looked great for pregnancy (he always discusses pregnancy with young female diabetics), although I personally disagree. He said his only concern would be that psychologically it would be tough for me to handle. We've never even discussed that, but he's absolutely right. The constant insulin dose adjustment and running really low would drive me nuts. I'm definitely not ready for that. He did say that I would need to be on a pump and wrote it on the report, I think to emphasize that pumps are Good.

He said that I'm an excellent candidate for an insulin pump and he'd write the prescription right there on the spot, except my insurance won't pay for it until January. He wants me to keep him updated, and he said to let him know when I get my pump.

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