Monday, November 05, 2007

Type WHAT?!

5 November 2007 Day 28
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So I've actually seen the words coming out of her mouth on Inside the Actors Studio. It's not better than what was reported; it's worse!

Halle: I had no understanding of what diabetes was. I instantly thought I was going to die, because I heard, "disease" and "okay, after disease there must be death." And I got a very quick education about what diabetes was, and I realize that I probably had it for most of my childhood, but when you're diabetic, nothing hurts.

James Lipton: Is this Type 1?

Halle: It is really Type 1, but classified now as Type 2 because I'm no longer insulin dependent. I was for awhile, and I've managed to wean myself off of insulin, so now I like to put myself in the Type 2 category.

James Lipton: You control it with diet and with exercise?

Halle: Yes.

This is our JDRF spokesperson?


Allison said...

That is insane...

BTW- Halle Berry is not a JDRF spokesperson. She is, however, the official spokesperson for the Novo Nordisk Diabetes Aware campaign... though I'm not sure that is going on anymore. That was a press release I read a couple years ago.

But she is definitely NOT a part of JDRF. Mary Tyler Moore is however the international chairman.

Lili said...

Good point, Allison. I heard many times she was a spokesperson, but I think really it was that she was a speaker. Novo tried to give me a Halle Berry poster at the ADA conference I went to earlier this year, though.

Christine-Megan said...

Your right, that is than the version I heard. When you're diabetic, nothing hurts? She probably had it most of her childhood? Good lord.

Major Bedhead said...

I wrote about this over on Blogabetes, on the dLife site. I'm still seething over her words. She has no business being a spokesperson for anything diabetes related if she, or her doctors, cannot come to a conclusion as to what type of diabetes she has. IMO, it's type 2 and she's got some weird shame thing going on. It's totally weird.

Lili said...

I don't know what she has, if it's Type 2, Type 1b, MODY. I guess we just know it's not Type 1.