Thursday, November 15, 2007

15 November 2007 Day 38

15 November 2007 Day 38
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Sometimes, being diabetic is an advantage. These syringes are for my cat. He's going to be getting injections of painkiller three times a day. The way that our vet reacts tells us that many people must be unwilling or unable to give their cats injections or subcutaneous fluids. We have no problem with it and find it's much easier for us and for the cat. They can't feel the injections.

The vet was also pleasantly surprised when he didn't need to explain to us why we should give a cat with renal failure an ACE inhibitor, a phosphate binder before meals, and Pepcid.

I didn't actually want the short needle, but the pharmacist was looking at *me* when she got them. They seem to be durable enough, though, whereas my syringes are not.

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