Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Design malfunction

I still haven't gotten my syringes from the new pharmacy. They ordered two kinds, but both turned out to be the wrong one. They've tried again to order the right kind and they think it will be in today. Why does this happen? It's definitely not their fault.

Why BD really needs to rethink how they package insulin syringes:

Here are the three kinds of (supposedly helpfully color-coded) syringes that my old pharmacy gave me when I started on insulin. I do not blame them one bit for being confused. The bottom one is the right kind of syringe.

The top and bottom bags are actually exactly the same color

This is the truly inexplicable part, though, and the one that gives the pharmacy the most trouble:

What?! This is (presumably) why the syringes I use aren't in the nationwide Walgreens computer. They're a newer model and I'm guessing the system wouldn't let them have anything duplicated when they tried to add them. This means that every time there's a question about the syringes at the pharmacy, I have to bring in a box to show them because they can't even pull up the right kind to order. This was even more...interesting when I was trying to get the first box!

I want to send this to BD with some, er, suggestions, but they don't have email and I don't have a color printer. So, it will take a little more doing.

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