Saturday, September 23, 2006

Back to the city

We've been driving all over the city lately, trying to find places we used to love. Some are gone, but many are still here and haven't changed, thankfully. Seattle has so many different types of areas - some remind me of Chicago. some San Francisco, some Salt Lake City. I never noticed it before, so it's been fun to explore the city. Unfortunately, none of our explorations have resulted in finding a house yet. There is a place in the running, though, and we may go for it. I love the back yard (pretending I can't hear the freeway noise), the inside is large and bright (assuming you don't look at the carpet), and it's located off the street, which is very nice. To be fair, it sounds like they can be convinced to replace the carpet. The price is still a bit steep, but then we looked at the other options: not available until November (oops, did we forget to mention that); located right on a busy street; requires going up a steep hill and then down a steep hill; smells like a combination of mold and yak urine; landlord fails to understand the concept of paying cash. Paying a little more starts to sound a lot more appealing.

Sadly, since the printer had to be packed it's more difficult for me to work on things like getting an appointment with a new endo until we find a place to live. I have the place in mind; I just need to provide them with information. Not to mention that I will have to provide them with much more than they asked for, including helpful charts and graphs. If I just sent them them what they asked for (last three progress reports, last A1c), they'd either be left scratching their heads or I'd end up with an appointment in about a year. Since I'm thinking about pumping, that would be bad.

Another thing about living in a larger city is the price of test strips. In Tucson I could find the best price for OneTouch Ultra at Walmart (sorry!) until last month when the price went up everywhere. Then Walgreens (surprise!) had the best price. Here in Seattle I'm seeing prices about $14 more for the box of 100. So, I decided to take advantage of not living in a desert and ordered supplies online. We'll see how that goes.

I should mention that the reason any of this is possible is because we made a profit from selling our house. We are very lucky in that regard. Also that we were able to get Cobra coverage.

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