Friday, September 15, 2006

On moving

Well, we're gearing up to leave Tucson and return to Seattle. I'm not sure if it's triumphantly, but given the circumstances under which we left, I suppose it is. I always figured we would return to Seattle, but I wasn't sure how. I had severe asthma, I had been cold all the time, and it was difficult to afford housing. Things have certainly changed. My asthma is now well-controlled, I found out that I have dysautonomia and have been treated for it, and we can afford to rent a house north of Seattle. So that leaves all the wonderful things about Seattle that we hated to leave.

I will miss Tucson, though. The beautiful sunsets, the smell of creosote, the torrential monsoon downpour where you can drive out through the other side, the perfect weather at 6 am, Mexican food. Sure, Seattle has Agua Verde, but it just isn't the same. I am not a desert person at heart, though. I've missed the green for four years. Let's not talk about what the heat does to my condition.

This is my first road trip on insulin. Our housemate, J., is a Type 1 and has come with us on many road trips, though. Still, I'm left with questions to answer. Where will I put the insulin? (Neither of us has a Frio). How am I supposed to dispose of syringes? J. actually called the garbage company here and asked them when he moved here, and they ordered him to just throw them in the trash with no sharps container! Strange, but true.

So, onward, to a new journey.


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