Wednesday, March 05, 2008

More and more

Well, I got a recommendation for a good dentist. Drawback: he's 18 miles away. I didn't really care; I've seen enough bad dentists in my life. They were able to get me in on Monday, too!

I took a copy of my panoramic x-ray, although the receptionist said it was basically useless. Well, as it turns out, the dentist kept referring to it, the assistant made notes on it, and I had to convince them to give it back to me (since it's my copy) when I left. Anyway, I was telling the assistant I thought #14 had a cavity on the panoramic. She scoffed and said it would have to be the "world's largest cavity" to show up on that. Then she did a full set of x-rays - luckily I had taken the good painkiller, because no one's ever successfully gotten a full set out of me before. My mouth is too small, apparently. They also measured my gums. Again with the painkiller. I will have to remember that in case I ever have it done again. I did really like the dentist, though, and he also does implants.

Well, the result of the x-rays is that I have the world's largest cavity in #14. I also have multiple cavities in every tooth I own. I wasn't too surprised by that, since I have weak enamel and my teeth are too soft. It's just something that you're born with. Anyway, I have to have a root canal, so they referred me to an endodontist.

The endodontist wasn't able to get me in until the 17th! Still, that might even work out better for me (despite the obvious drawback of waiting) because I can't get any more time off. They're having me come in next week for an "evaluation." They said that during the evaluation, they decide whether a root canal is actually needed. I think I burst out laughing when they said that.


Colleen said...

I have the same issues - little enamel, lots of cavities. As a kid (and this will date me...) I was never able to come home for the dentist and say, "Look Ma, no cavities!" I wish you luck and pain free, as much as possible, dentistry.

Colleen said...

oops - from the dentist

Lili said...

Thanks, Colleen. So far I am doing okay with the painkiller combo I'm on. I hate to have to take it for so long, but I guess you do what you have to.