Monday, March 03, 2008

And again

Well, I went to see my internist on Friday and he was appalled I didn't get any treatment from the dentist (and even worse, it's his dentist). So he wrote me a Z-pac just in case and told me Darvocet could be cut in half. I tried it at night first and it seemed okay, so I tried it during the day. It makes the pain somewhat bearable.

At one point I discovered one of my teeth (#14) is more painful than the others. It already has a lot of fillings. I looked at it more closely and it looks like it's cracked. Frankly, I would be glad if that's the problem if it's just a matter of a root canal and filling it in. It's not like it's in the front. You can see it on the x-ray here if you want. Compared to #3 it looks like it might have a cavity.

So after taking the painkiller I had some time to think. Why did the dentist refer me to a prosthodontist for a serious dental and health emergency? Now, I do need to see the specialist eventually, but for this? I called his office and they confirmed they don't handle this kind of work. So it looks like I need to find another dentist! I don't want to go to just any dentist; I've had all kinds of bad luck in the past. I will check around.

I'm almost tempted to try to go back to my old dentist in Bellingham. None of *his* crowns have fallen out of my mouth, and he was always excellent. He's apparently having some legal troubles right now, though (nothing I'm that concerned about) so I'm not sure if he's still practicing. Also, he's not open on the weekends so I'd have to get up to Bellingham during the day (I don't drive) and that's a lot of time. So I don't know.


Beth said...

You could always stay with us, if you need an overnight. :) Our apt is small, but out guest bedroom & bathroom are nice & private.

Lili said...

Beth - Thanks. I don't think I could get enough time off, though. Anyway, I seem to have found a good dentist in Everett. Still far, but doable.