Sunday, March 25, 2007

For Chrissie

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So last night I was stuck in a rage bolus cycle, trying to get my bg to go down. It wasn't super high, but I just couldn't believe it wasn't going down at all despite all the insulin I kept taking. I checked my prime screen and discovered it had been two days since I changed my set (somehow it always sneaks up on me). So it was time to change anyway. It looked totally normal, too.

Then as I was leaving the bathroom I was stunned by a big wave of nausea. Wait, what? I didn't feel sick at all otherwise and I usually feel it right away. Still nauseated, I thought maybe it could be ketones, so I checked. I'm not sure why even small ketones make me so nauseated; I get the impression other people don't feel them until they're higher. I tested my bg and got 109.

I still have no idea what happened. I felt better after an hour or so and my bg is back to normal now. I didn't test for blood ketones again because I just can't afford it. I did wake up with a sore throat this morning, but I did every day this week. I had just figured it was normal. Except my housemate got diagnosed with strep throat this morning, so I foresee a trip to the clinic to get tested in my future.


Chrissie in Belgium said...

LILI, huh - see! I am not alone. See, the dam bg will NOT go down when you have ketones. I KNEW it. This IS happening to other people too. So maybe now people will see why I am so fixated on understanding ketones. Why I want to understand everything about them. They are a total pain in the butt - and mine are INCREASING. I checked this morning and got 0.6! Then I did it again, immediately, and got 0.4 mmol/l. I want them to go away. I don't wish them on you - but at least I don't feel like a freak anymore! Do you think it means we have an infection in our body? Why do you break down fat when you have an infection?

Lili said...

Chrissie - I think you are right about it being hard to get the bg down. It happened again tonight, also! I definitely have something and I'm pretty sure it's strep B. It's hard for me to do more research about this because so far I only get ketones if I'm sick (or if my bg is really high).

I did to go the clinic and the nurse there was not at all interested. She didn't even know why someone would check their ketones! She said to do nothing and wait two days for the test to come back even though I'd told her I had ketones and my bg wouldn't go down. Wrong answer! So I ended up going to an urgent care center. The doctor there spent about three minutes with me, asked all the right questions, and gave me a prescription for antibiotics.

I'm not sure about why we ketones at certain times, but I think I should put it on my list to research.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Two weeks ago I took antibiotics and they were finsihed last Monday the 19/3. Nevertheless ketones remained and in fact increased to 0.6mmol/l this morning. You might check what happens to you after you finish your antibiotics. Just now I was at the bank and felt like vomiting and promised myself to do a test as soon as I returned. It is now 16:15; I have ketones of 0.1mmol/l and bg 45 mg/dl, so a hypo again. After 15ml coke I am currently waiting for it to GO AWAY! At 45 I force myself to be very exact, otherwise I get confused.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Me again - but doesn't it burn you up when the medical people ask you why the hell you tested for ketones. They have no idea how we work so hard to understand what is going on so that we can manage the D more correctly. Off the bat I can think of three times docors have said that to me! And that nurse of yours who had no idea that high bg values with ketones is dangerous! No wonders Ds get skeptical of what people say!

Grandparents Corner said...

I wanted to say to chrissie and Lili, I have you both in my heart as I know the stuggles of diabetes.

May God bless each of you as you struggle with the control.

Take good care!