Monday, March 12, 2007

okee then

So in my neverending quest (I'm kidding) to have everything ever happen to me in the shortest time possible...tonight I got the dreaded NO DELIVERY alarm.

You see, we went out to the Melting Pot for my birthday and I had to bolus for the tons of food I ate with no nutritional information to guide me, and actually I did pretty well - only had to do one correction. Wait, what's that? Get to the point? Oh, right.

Awhile after we got home, we were going to eat my birthday cake. I had just changed my set, and I bolused for 50 g of carbs, but in the middle of it, NO DELIVERY. I looked at the set, pulled on the tubing a little to loosen it from the tegaderm. Well, okay, so the tegaderm was covering a bit more tubing than usual, but it was like an inch. Surely that couldn't make a difference? Then I tried to bolus the amount remaining. NO DELIVERY. I pulled off the tegaderm, but not the set. I think this was only possible because I had just put it on. Then, I tried again, and it worked. Except then I didn't know how much insulin I'd actually gotten. The pump said I'd gotten all of it, but who knew. So I slapped another tegaderm on there, bolused for 48 g and figured I could have a snack if I started dropping. Well, I never ate the snack. I *know* I got the last 1/3 of the first bolus, and the cake was probably around 38 g (I didn't know my husband put Splenda in it) so I totally should have started dropping, but I never did. I guess, as I read somewhere recently, the diabetes fairy must have visited me today.


cass said...

ooooohhhhh!!! let's sing a song♪

hippo, boidie, 2 ewes♪
hippo, boidie, 2 ewes♪
hippo, boidie, 2 Lili♪
hippo, boidie, 2 ewes~♪

and many more♪

Lili said...

Awwww, thanks, Cass!