Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I did end up getting sick. Then, I got better. Go, antibiotics! It took me awhile to feel a lot better, though, because my blood sugar has been higher overall. Now, I did gain 5 lbs since the beginning of the year(!), even though my caloric intake has trended down and my activity level has gone up. I'm starting to wonder if moving to Seattle made the difference - maybe the climate is having an effect on my metabolism. Anyway, since that happened more gradually, I don't think it's why I suddenly need more insulin. A more plausible explanation is that my insulin production has dropped again. It's not a huge change - from .35/hr to .40/hr. So far I've only changed my breakfast ratio to 1/12, but I need more data on whether the others need to be changed.

I've been having issues with my Sure-Ts lately. Basically, the failure rate has been pretty high - I'm getting concerned about how I will be able to pay for enough sets if this continues, since they aren't cheap. My insurance does cover them, but they won't cover the extra ones you have to throw out. I've having to change them 1-2 times a day, and that's with letting it go as long as possible. I got these Sure-Ts in my last order a couple weeks ago, and the needle isn't exactly at 90°. Maybe 105°? I can't figure out if they were always like that, although I don't think they were. I don't have any old ones left. The sets I have are two different lots, so I opened up the second lot and they were the same. Wait, I just remembered I had an old Sure-T in my purse. I checked and it looks like it's perfectly at 90°. The second problem is that the pliable wings are slightly off on one side. So I put in the set, but when I go to tape it flat, flattening the wings makes the needle move. Aargh! I hate having to return things to MM. Maybe I can just try to bend them back into position (carefully); that's what I did with the last one. Or, okay, maybe I will also try calling them tomorrow.

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