Thursday, October 26, 2006

More plodding

Well, I got an appointment with the new endo: November 29th. Two days ago they said they were scheduling in mid-November. I guess I drew the short straw. After some reflection I called my GP's office and asked them to order all the labwork. Otherwise I'd just be wasting the endo's time and I'd have to come back (in 1-2 months, no doubt) to really get anywhere. They said okay and scheduled me for Monday. I will have to confirm on Monday that they ordered an A1c, C-peptide, Islet Cell Antibodies, and Anti-Insulin Antibodies, which is what I asked for. If it shows something useful, I can try to get the insurance to pay for a pump. That's starting to look better and better as time goes on and none of us has a job yet!

J. ran out of Lantus this week. He only found out after the pharmacy tried to reach his doctor in Tucson that she'd left the clinic. Because of that no one there would authorize a refill! And of course only R and NPH are available without a prescription. He was unable to track down the old doctor and he can't get in to see a new one until the 30th. I can't believe this, that they would deny insulin to a diabetic! He had a bottle of UL from a couple years ago (but not expired) and he's been taking that, but imagine if he hadn't or if he'd thrown it out when we moved. Aargh.

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