Saturday, October 14, 2006

And so it goes

I was somewhat stunned to discover that letting Calorie King's software count carbs for me is way more accurate than I was with my Calorie King book and my own judgment, but the numbers don't lie. I know that they can't account for variations in preparation, etc., but there you have it. Here's what I do to improve accuracy:

- choose the portion measurement that I can eyeball (like cups) (CK calculates nutrition information automatically for whatever amount you enter!)
- subtract fiber from carbs when eating high fiber meals
- enter the information in my database when it's not in CK and I have a food label
- choose a close equivalent if no information is available or enter each ingredient
- if the equivalent isn't accurate, enter the food manually with the right amount of carbs
- weigh foods when I'm at home or weigh out portions and put them in bags for later

I know that this is more work than most people are willing (or able) to do, though. I find that I really have to stick to it to maintain good control, though. I recently saw that Calorie King had diabetes software from the Palm, so I downloaded. It's basically like Diabetes Pilot except with a few broken things and fewer features. So: not recommended. It's too bad, too, because having the food diary talk to the diabetes software would have been wonderful...if it worked.

Other than that, I've just been plugging away. I sent off my self-referral packet to the Diabetes Care Center. They will review my case and call to tell me when and with whom I can get an appointment. I made a reservation to attend a Minimed seminar next week. We finally unpacked the scale and I discovered I'd gained 6 lbs! I'm back on my exercise regimen this week, though, so it had better all come off.

What's everyone else up to? It seems a bit quiet out in the blogosphere.

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