Saturday, August 11, 2007

No kidding

While I was browsing an online pet pharmacy, I saw an insulin section. Well, of course I had to go take a look. This phrase stopped me in my tracks:
Please note: All Insulin must be shipped by 1 day air service.

Why on earth is it that the pet mail order pharmacy has this down and the *human* pharmacies do not?


Anonymous said...

Your mail order pharmacy does not do that?!
That is frustrating! Mine ships my strips in whatever time it feels like but my insulin comes overnight air.

Bad Decision Maker said...

Yeah mine doesn't have it down either. My last shipment of insulin came in late July with a bunch of completely melted ice (like, not ice turned into water, ice turned into warm water.). Doh.

Lili said...

Sara - I don't order insulin by mail order, but that's why. ;) I've heard all kinds of stories about it and I don't want to take the chance.

BDM - Hi, nice to see you here.