Sunday, August 12, 2007

Doctors With Disabilities

A friend is involved with the launch of a new site: Doctors With Disabilities, for health professions students and health care professionals. It's wiki-style, hosted by the Disapedia, a disability wiki. There's also a forum for messages. Diabetes is definitely included.

It's not just for doctors and med students; those in allied health professions are very welcome. The focus will be on sharing tips among students and people interested in the medical field and those in practice. Check it out!


Stringerace said...

I'm the coordinator for Disapedia and for one I wanted to say thanks for the mention. I also want to second the invitations for not just medical folk, but all individuals with individuals to check out the site and come join the fantastic community that is developing.

Lili said...

Stringerace - I'm so embarrassed now that I totally typoed the name! Doh! I will certainly pass it on. Thanks!

Bad Decision Maker said...

yay! thank you for letting me know about that site. I'm type 1 too and I'm trying to decide whether to apply to nursing (masters program) or med school. I've been looking for type 1 med students or residents to talk to.

My main concern with med school is the lack of time, in terms of taking care of myself and my diabetes. It just doesn't usually work out well when I'm super stressed and overscheduled. Also, I want to not be so stressed out that i hate life/have no friends/am a mean person.

Bethany said...

Bad Decision Maker -

I'm Type 1 and a resident. I was diagnosed between third and fourth year of med school. I'm also one of the instigators of Doctors With Disabilities. You can find me there or at Nightengalesknd @

paulman said...


My brother and I were both diagnosed with MS in our early 30s (15 years ago). Fortunately, we both had careers at the time. I am an attorney; he is an MD. Years ago, I left my high-stress lawfirm job and found an excellent in-house corporate position. My brother was a GP at a satelite for a mega-hospital health system. He just left do to some basic complications from MS and is now trying to evaluate his pressional options. Do you have any advice for someone like this?