Saturday, January 13, 2007

new year

Well, I'm doing a little better. I finally had a low (63, not so bad) and I have to say it was actually a relief! It was a carb counting problem; we went to a new restaurant. My ratio is down to 1/16 and it seems pretty darn close.

It's been snowing here for two days. People seem a bit more prepared this time. It certainly is cold out there, though!

I wasn't sure I'd have resolutions this year. I think every year I say I'm not going to do it anymore! But here they are:

  • Lose the rest of the 10 lbs I gained in three (3!) weeks of taking Actos last year

  • Learn more about Judaism - I signed up for a class

  • Completely overhaul the website I admin for the new year

  • Visit my aunt and grandma - just have to find a way around that chainsmoking issue

  • Visit a foreign country - might help if I got a passport first!

  • Look for a job - already started, haven't found anything

  • Send out the rest of my holiday cards! - gaah

  • Finish the Mandarin series I was taking - found a place but can't get there yet

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