Sunday, March 28, 2010

Long Time

I've been absent from the blogging world, mainly because I got a job last year. Pretty much all I do these days is work. We don't have personal-use internet where I work, so I've been away from anything I can't access from my phone.

Since I've been working again, diabetes has really shifted to the background. I haven't been testing as much as I want to, or looking at the data as much. I suppose it's my upcoming endo appointment, but I want to try to get back to that.

My pump warranty is up soon, so I will be looking at what's available now. I just found out about Colorware last week - am I the only one who wishes we could do that with our diabetes devices? Awesome.


Scott K. Johnson said...

While we do miss you, having a job is a plus! :-)

YouthHealth said...

Well good thing you got a job, and stay strong with the diabetic management. I can understand how difficult it is to adhere to all those regimens and adjustments they have you on and all the blood glucose monitoring that you have to do. HOpe all is well.