Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So I love my new pump and all - the buttons are all stiff, it's all shiny and new-looking. Lately, though, I've been noticing a disturbing trend.

The other day I was looking at my daily totals when I came across something odd - it said that day my correction percentage was 12%, 2.7 units. Huh? I'm pretty sure I would remember that! I checked the bolus history and no, I did not correct that much, not even close.

Tonight, I reviewed today's total. I did quite a lot of exercise today so I didn't end up doing any corrections at all. The screen tells me that I had a total correction of 1.2 units, 8% of the daily total. No, no, I didn't.

I checked another day I didn't do any corrections and that one is correct. Out of the 16 days I've had this pump so far, four have incorrectly high correction totals (all at least 100% too high) and the rest are correct. I can't see anything different about those particular days, either.

It's so strange. I mean, how does this even happen? I can't figure out where it would even get those erroneous numbers from. I always use the bolus wizard, almost never change the recommended total, and, well, my old pump of two years never had this problem. It was always...correct. The only difference is that this one has updated firmware (and the only difference I've seen is a tiny one in how it handles selecting bolus type).

I guess I'll call the hotline tomorrow (and try not to sound like a crank), but, um, any ideas? I know I'm probably the only one who uses this information... ;)


Christine-Megan said...

Occasionally I'll enter a bg in the pump (since I manually enter all of my bgs in the pump), enter no carbs, then manually enter a bolus in on the last screen if I know I'm gonna eat and just too lazy to enter a carb amount. This then gets tagged as a correction. Any chance you're doing this?

Lili said...

Christine - Nope. I haven't changed anything from what I did with the other pump.