Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Extreme Diabetes Makeover Type 1 Conference

Is anyone going to this? (Somehow I'm always the last to know). It's not only for pumpers, but that's who this particular message was going to.

What happens to children with type 1 diabetes who outgrow diabetes camp or their pediatric endocrine team? Diabetes Solutions of Oklahoma (DSOK), a non profit organization, is offering an exciting opportunity for young adults, age 21-40, who have type 1 diabetes. DSOK is hosting a conference Nov. 7-8, 2008, for young adults with type 1 diabetes at the NCED Conference Center in Norman, Oklahoma. This is the EXTREME Diabetes Makeover.

The goal of the conference is to tear down old ideas and negative attitudes about diabetes, build a framework for a healthier life, and redesign and style diabetes to fit peoples' lives. This is the age group who is most disconnected from other people with diabetes. This conference will address the need for socializing with other
individuals facing the same daily struggles. It is designed for anyone who must fight the daily struggles of type 1 diabetes management. As insulin pumpers, you have the greatest tool available to help you manage your diabetes. However, as you well know, successful diabetes management is 20% knowledge and 80% attitude and outlook.

Special guests include actor and comedian Tom Parks, who also has type 1 diabetes, and Dr. William Polonsky from the Diabetes Behavioral Institute of Southern California and author of the book, Diabetes Burnout: What to Do When You Can't Take It Anymore. For more information or to download a registration brochure, please visit http://www.dsok.net or call Diabetes Solutions at (405) 843-4386. What have you got to loose? Check it out and sign up soon, space is limited!


Bernard said...


This sounds like an interesting opportunity, sorry I can't make it. Do let us know what happens during the extreme makeover!

Marina Martin said...

I've never been to Oklahoma before - this seems as good a reason as any! I'll probably be there. Thanks for sharing.

elaine.warner said...

All right! This is in my home town! Thanks for telling about it. I'll be there.

Lili said...

Bernard - I'm not sure if I can make it, either. I looked at flights and they are rather expensive.

Marina - No problem.

Elaine - How handy. Have fun.

curtisbottoms said...

I'll be there! I cannot believe someone is finally doing something GOOD for people with type 1.