Thursday, May 01, 2008

In one ear and out the other

I've met some new people lately, and had to tell them I have diabetes. For the most part, it's gone well, but this one woman I think is convinced I have Type 2 for some reason. I'm not sure, though, and I don't really even want to get into it.

Her: You have diabetes?
Me: Yes, I have Type 1 diabetes. *explains what that is for 5 minutes*
Her: Wow, you have a lot on your plate.
Me: I guess so.
Her: I have this friend, but she has juvenile diabetes and boy, does she ever have it hard. *explanation*
Me: ...

I don't really want to say "juvenile diabetes" because I think that's why so many people are convinced that 1. only children get it and 2. it goes away once they stop being children. Still, it seems like even people that should get it, don't.


Jillian said...

It's so hard to strike the balance of being understood and hating how uneducated people are. People can be so frustrating, and mostly make you want to give up trying to explain anything at all.

Christine-Megan said...

"I have type 1 diabetes- it used to be known as juvenile diabetes- *explanation*"

Lili said...

Jillian - it's so true.

Christine - all the times I've said that, I've gotten into an argument because they don't believe an adult can get something called, "juvenile diabetes." Even when I explain that the name was changed and why.

Bethany said...
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