Friday, January 04, 2008


Wow, where do I start? Well, yesterday I got a very strange headache. It came on like immediately, and the pain was on top of my head. I got up to take something for it because it was really bad, but when I opened the cabinet, a can flew out and landed on my toe - the same toe I broke in 1994 that never healed right. I honestly can't tell if it's broken because it's always been painful to manipulate and every time I stubbed it, it hurt for days. It felt like the first time, though! Anyway, they don't really do anything for broken toes, and I have tape. I'm just glad I can hobble around on my foot. Those first few hours where I couldn't were not fun because I can't hop.

New Years Eve, our hot water heater stopped working. I guess it must really be considered an emergency, because the landlady got someone to come in and replace it on the 2nd, which is some kind of record. I didn't realize I would have to empty most of the pantry so that the contractor could get at the water heater until 30 minutes before he was supposed to show up. No problem, right? He showed up 30 minutes early. So there I was trying to empty the pantry really fast while he made fun of me for not realizing. What annoyed me about that is that I'm disabled and I had to stop in the middle to suck down some juice because inevitably I'd go low from all that. Oh, and I asked him twice if I needed to remove the shelf above the water heater, and he scoffingly assured me he had "plenty of room." Guess what's covered in scorch marks from the blowtorch now? Oh, and he wrote on the heater that he installed it January 2007. Maybe some people shouldn't make fun...

On the brighter side, I can almost chew things now. The company that laid my husband off called and asked if he wanted to take a six month contract, working day shift, so he accepted that. He's still working through a temp agency, so no benefits, and it's at the same company, so he's still looking for something else, but it's better than nothing. Day shift is also better because then I see him during the week.

For some reason my pancreas has been working overtime since the surgery. My basal went from 11.5U to 8.5U. My insulin-to-carb ratio went from 1:8 to 1:11. I don't know how long it will last, but I'm not complaining.


mel said...

Thanks... and Hello!

I hope your toe feels better.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh goodness!

What a series of stuff! I hope that things have settled down for you.

Take care!