Thursday, December 06, 2007

Numbers lie

I saw my endo yesterday. My cholesterol is still good, but slightly worse than last time so I suppose I'll have to look into that. My A1c is what it's been the whole time I've had it tested at this lab: insane. It's lower every time, too, despite my bg not changing. Now that we've kind of ruled out lab error, the only thing I can think of is that there's something weird going on with my hemoglobin.

Previously I had A1cs like 5.8%, when my postprandial numbers were a lot lower and I didn't spend a lot of time out of the normal range, although that was at a different lab. This last A1c was under 5 and I don't believe it could possibly be accurate. I've tested in the middle of the night to make sure I'm not having lows or anything. What do I think? I think my A1c should be somewhere between 5 and 6, closer to the middle. I mean, yes, it's definitely a great number, but I just don't think it's an insanely good number...for a nondiabetic. What I know about my bg doesn't support that.

So, today I'm going to have a consultation for oral surgery. That's right, my wisdom teeth are horribly impacted and they have to come out now. I haven't been able to chew in a week. I am not looking forward much to the consultation, where I have to explain not only about my insulin pump, but about the millions of other special conditions that will affect it. The surgery is already scheduled for next Friday. Eeek!


Christine-Megan said...

Does your doctor use an in office meter? Mine does, and it's often 1.5% lower than the lab if I go there to have it drawn. Do you ever donate blood? That tends to falsely lower my a1c too.

Lili said...

Nope, this was the lab. I don't give blood, and I'm not anemic.

Minnesota Nice said...

i have been going to the same clinic (with lab on the premises) for 7 years and always felt smug about being able to predict my AlC within about .3 of a point, based on my log book.
Well, the last two have been off by over a point - lower in both cases. My doc said "why can't you just accept some good news for once, Kathy?" and then I felt like a CCW (certifiable crazywoman).
I have also been tested for anemia, and I take a bg reading in the middle of the night.
This is one more unsavory surprise from diabetes - nothing is predictable. And, I don't like it one bit.
Hope your procedure goes well.

Lili said...

Aww, thanks, Kathy.