Monday, October 01, 2007

Fashion loss

I've long struggled with what kind of purse to carry. I like to have my diabetes supplies accessible (not in a case in another case), as well as all the other crap stuff I need to carry around. The first purse I got after becoming diabetic was this one:

I really liked this bag, but it had a couple drawbacks. First, beige canvas + diabetic = !! (it's lighter than the picture). The second is that it's huge. Seriously huge. I looked at the measurements, but didn't quite get the full effect until I could see it. While I could fit all my stuff in it, I kept thinking I looked dorky carrying it around.

The second bag I got was this one:

It's pretty similar to the first one, but the strap is in a different place and I didn't really like the look of the faux leather, so I decided to get leather next time:

I had it about three months before it looked like it'd been through a war. It turns out I'm really hard on bags and leather can't really take it.

At this point, I decided to branch out in a different direction, a more "fashionable" bag:

When I got the bag, I found out that it's not really brown; it has tiny black and brown stripes, and it's really shiny. So it didn't go with the things I already had. Psst, could use some better pictures in this case. Once I got over my initial shock at the small size of the bag (especially compared to what I'd gotten used to), I pared down everything and stuffed it in there. It was cute, super cute, even. The problem? I started to learn all the advantages of the previous bag for a disabled person.

The previous bag has a flat surface on top, which I used quite often at the store, because stores are just not that great at accessibility (I'm looking at you, no-accessible-checkout TJ's) and I need the extra surface. It's also flat, so I could jam it against a flat surface and open it with one hand. I also appreciated the long strap, because it distributes the weight better when I wear it crosswise. The new bag falls off my shoulder because I don't really have the strength to keep it on that well. There's also my giant fear of having my purse stolen; with the last one I knew no one was getting that thing off me. I also didn't get backaches after carrying it for ten minutes. I didn't need to put it down on something and use both hands to open it. I remember it being a problem at restaurants when I was sitting at a two person table, but I've had to get used to putting my bag on the floor, and I finally got a hanging thing for my cane. With the prospect of having to go out more often, I need to have something sustainable for me, something that helps rather than makes things harder. I'm sure the new bag is a great bag for everyone but me, but I think I'm going to have to go back to the old one. Fashion loses.

The question is, which one to get. The beige canvas performed the best for me, although it was hard to keep clean. The faux leather had a different weight distribution. The leather didn't last very long with me using it. This is the coat I have now, although it's lighter and brighter than the picture, not really an olive or "fatigue." Decisions, decisions.


Major Bedhead said...

Hiya -

1.) thanks for joining in the book contest.

2.) thanks for that OneStop link - I'm going to have a look around there. That trench is very nice.

3.) Do you prefer a bag that goes across the shoulder as opposed to over the shoulder? L.L. Bean has a bag that is sort of like a small back pack, except only one strap that goes from right shoulder to left hip (or vice versa), but the bag would rest on your back. Here's a link:
LL Bean has some great bags - maybe you can find something there to suit you. I know I go thru this with Olivia - she's always looking for something cute and stylish to take to school. I swear, one year I bought about 5 handbags for her and in the end, she just wound up tossing her kit in her back pack.

Lili said...

Hi MB,

I do prefer a bag that goes across the shoulder. Thanks for the link, those are some interesting bags.

I love OneStopPlus - they combine a bunch of different sites like Lane Bryant, Roamans, etc. It says Plus Sizes, but it definitely has more of a range and I like the cut of their clothes more. The one thing to remember is that the sizing is a bit different, so be sure to check the measurement chart.

In Search Of Balance said...

Aw, you look so warm and cozy in your new avatar!

I carry a giant monster of a bag from Banana Republic, because it has a leather bottom and is seriously hardcore. Handmade ones kept falling apart on me. I'm with you on the across-the-body thing, too.

I also have a KagBag which I carry sometime, and had made in plain red... I love it! But probably not durable enough for every day use...