Sunday, July 08, 2007

It works!

I was quite shocked the other day to be told by a (nondiabetic) friend that my insulin pump never works. I guess my blog gives that impression. Just for the record: yes, it works. It works probably 99% of the time. I blog the exceptions because they're of interest to me and I want to be able to review them later. If I wrote about every time something didn't go wrong, I would quickly drive myself nuts.

Why do I have so many exceptions? Well, step one is noticing. I'm really observant, know my body very well, my diabetes is usually really consistent, and I have excellent control. So, I can generally come up with the answer or a couple possible answers as to why something happened. It's (as you undoubtedly know) not the same for other diabetics. I blog about when the diabetes fairy visits precisely because it's so rare. It makes sense that if the diabetes fairy visited often, you'd have to give up trying to figure things out just to keep from going nuts.

Another important part is that I can tell when my bg goes over 120. I actually get physically ill. This is extremely rare; I've only heard of 2 other people that say they can do it and only one of them gets sick. That's what enables me to do what I do, or, more precisely, requires me to do it. Other factors include my small Total Daily Dose, my unusually consistent insulin absorption, my psychic ability to detect patterns without having a doctor look at my numbers on a chart (hey, I can't explain it), the way John Walsh has no explanation for most things about me. So my diabetes is different from almost everybody else's diabetes, and I find that interesting, so I blog about it. I haven't included a disclaimer in every post because I guess I figured people would remember the disclaimer. Probably I should actually write a disclaimer.

In the scheme of things (for the people that know me), diabetes isn't that huge a deal. Really, I'm much more likely to pass out because I have dysautonomia and neurocardiogenic syncope than from the diabetes.


Chrissie in Belgium said...

Good for you Lili! There are not that many of us who keep BERY careful control and live a very regular life so that we can see when something weird is happening! I see these strang things that happen b/c I eat the same food for every breakfast and lunch and get my exercise usually at the same time of day. I too feel bad when my bg levels are high. I feel different levels at different times of the day. I feel a 120 at 7PM, but it can go up to 160 in the afternoon before I feel it. I would say we are lucky to be ables to feel these differences, it motivates us to keep the values good. Lili, you will not believe this but today I again had to increase my munch meal bolus to over 7.5U, it went down a few days to 5U. Tomorrow I am going to the pharmacy to get a new bottle of insulin and see if things change! I honestly don't believe it is the insulin, but my stupid body playing tricks with me. The insulin bottles I have been using since February could all have been from the same batch! I have to eliminate the POSSIBILITY of my instability being caused by the insulin.

Lili said...

Chrissie - Thanks! Really, it's just how my body is, though.

Other people have said when insulin goes bad, it goes from much less effective to water in a couple days. That was my experience, too. Still, if you feel you need to, why not? I do the same thing - I like to eliminate all the variables.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Lili, I think like you. Everything has to be checked. I have to try and understand what is happening! I changed it this morning - unfortunately I don't think it will help. I think it is hard when people think you are crazy and making up "stories" that seem to contradict the general rules. For me it is nice to know that you are out there. I have been battling this battle alone for years! Most people think I am crazy to et the same food every an effort to understand wtf is happening!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Lili, nope it is not the insulin's fault. Today I have needed tons of extra insulin. Anyhow that is one possibility less!

Khurt Williams said...

Great post. My diabetes experience is very similar to your. I have Type 1 (LADA) and I am VERY responsive to insulin. I am psychic about my BG and can tell when I am too low or too high.

I eat the same breakfast each and every morning. My wife thinks it's boring but I explain her that I am just setting the level for the day. I have been using an online software, Sugar Stats, to track my BG and insulin dosage and CalorieKing to track my food. I keep very tight control and my average meal and daily BG is consistent.

When something out of the ordinary happens I can refer to my BG/insulin chart/log and food log to determine the cause.