Thursday, May 03, 2007

I can has cabinet

I can has cabinet
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I finally got a cabinet to put all my diabetes supplies in, since I was tired of them being all over the house. I especially wasn't enjoying storing my sets on the floor. I absolutely love this cabinet! Here's what it looks like closed. I got it from this site.


Megan said...

Now that's what I need.

Bernard said...

Nice. Can I say I'm envious?

I'd be interested to know the titles of that stack of books on the lower shelf.

Scott K. Johnson said...


Lili said...

Megan - it was surprisingly easy; I just needed to save up a long time to buy the cabinet.

Bernard - Thanks. I was amazed to find such a nice cabinet for such a low price. You can see the list of books here (and even some others that aren't in there).

Scott - Thanks!

Lili said...

Bernard - I forgot to add that you can make the picture bigger by clicking on All Sizes, then Original Size. You can practically even read the titles that way!