Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Well, it seems there is no end to strange diabeted-related goings on I can have in only one month, heh. This morning I woke up and tested (81). Then I went to the bathroom (trust me, this is relevant), then started the coffee and went to check my email since it takes 30 minutes for the coffee to cool off enough to drink. After 30 minutes, I bolused for breakfast, then went to the bathroom again (huh? okay). But this time, something was different! My tubing was hanging free, neatly sliced in two. What? How could this happen? I literally have no idea. It was in my pants the whole time! (Hey, I heard that giggling). I stay far away from anything in the least bit sharp; I can't even have tags in my clothes. The cut was closer to the infusion set, so I can't even come up with some weird pump-cutting-tubing scenario and anyway, it was fine 30 minutes before! So it's completely inexplicable.

Anyway, my breakfast bolus ended up on me, so what did I do? Well, I rewound the pump, changed the tubing, and reconnected it to my infusion set. Then I did a fixed prime. I did that because I know missing a little insulin isn't going to have a huge effect on me, and I can always do a correction. Trying to (needlessly) insert an infusion set before breakfast and coffee, though? I don't think so.


Chrissie in Belgium said...

I love pumps BUT the mechanics of them can drive you crazy. It wouldn't possibly have been the zipper of the pants. I really cannot see how the infusion line being caught in the zipper could cause a clear cut! Hmmm, tell us if you ever figure out how this happened.

Drea said...

That is a mystery!

I have caught the tubing on door knobs before, and have ripped out sites - but NEVER sliced tubing like that!!

Please do share if you figure out how this happened!

cassandra said...

that's strange. i am on mdi, so don't really get the mechanics of it all, but this pump story places in the freaky pump phenomena i frequently read about. yikes.

Lili said...

Chrissie - I was wearing flannel pants with no zipper. I didn't find anything that could have done that around me or anything. Very strange! Maybe it was aliens, heh.

Drea - I wish I knew! I am just one of those people that wants an explanation for everything, I guess.

Cassandra - I definitely think this is just a freak occurrence. Those sorts of things just tend to happen to me (and not so much other people), but we've never figured out why. So I wouldn't worry about it.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Doesn't it BUG you that you do not understand it?!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Wow - how strange is that?!